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How to make money in public shows?

earnings from public shows

Open shows in the webcam industry represent a unique opportunity to make money. In modern camming, the most money is earned from tips at open shows. This format gives webcam models flexibility and the opportunity to attract more viewers, which means more tips. If you are a master of your craft and know how to attract attention, you can earn from 500 USD to several thousand in one evening.

Let's look at strategies and tips for making money solely from tips in an open show.

Attractive tip menu

Tip menu in the context of a webcam show is a list of actions or services that a model is willing to provide for a certain amount of tips or money. It helps viewers choose what they want to see or get from the model, and encourages them to tip or spend money to get what they want.

Develop an individual tip menu, taking into account your capabilities, readiness and skills. Include a variety of options, from striptease to games and conversations. The more varied and interesting your tip menu is, the greater the chances of attracting the attention of viewers.

Life and energy

Nothing attracts audiences like a lively and energetic atmosphere. Be enthusiastic, smile and interact with the audience. Keep the show dynamic and interesting to keep viewers' attention and motivate them to take action.

Show your personality and feelings. Create an attractive image that will interest the audience.

Love the members

Make a personal connection with your audience. Chat with members, answer their questions, show interest in their lives. Emotional involvement creates loyalty and motivates viewers to tip. Your sincere friendly attitude towards them will not go unrewarded.

Spectacular Show

Use a variety of show elements such as music, lighting, costumes and props to create an unforgettable experience. Aesthetics and visual appeal can significantly increase tips.

Interesting Content

Diversify your show with various activities, games, competitions or talent demonstrations. Many webcam sites have various gaming bots: wheel of fortune, dice, etc. Be sure to use them. Imagine yourself as the host of a TV show for adults.

Be creative and tailor content to suit your audience's interests.


Earning money from tips in public shows requires effort, but is much more profitable compared to offline mode in private shows. Follow our advice, experiment and develop to create a unique and successful brand in the webcam industry.

Don't forget that public shows need to be combined with the use of private as well as group chat to maximize income.

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