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Starting Stripchat broadcast

Stripchat start broadcast

Start Stripchat broadcast

After you have logged into your webcam profile, you can proceed to start broadcasting on Stripchat:

  1. Click on the green button "Start broadcast" in the site header:
  2. The page with the rules will open. Scroll down and click the "Start Broadcast" button:
  3. In the pop-up browser window, click the "Allow" button to allow access to your camera and microphone:
  4. The next step is the technical settings of the broadcast. Adjust them if necessary. When everything is ready, click the "Start show" button:
    • Camera - in the first field you need to select the camera from which the broadcast will be carried out. The list may include your real camera and virtual cameras from various programs (OBS, SplitCam and others). Select a virtual camera from the list if you use software to process your broadcast;
    • Microphone - the list may include your hardware microphone and virtual microphones from various programs (OBS, SplitCam and others);
    • Resolution - this option sets the image quality of the launched broadcast. The picture is considered to be of high quality from 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080p) and higher;
  5. The last thing to do before starting a Stripchat broadcast is to indicate the goaland topic of the upcoming show:
    • In the goal, you can write what the audience should strive for. For example, "kiss - 5, dance - 50, tits - 100". This means as soon as the audience sends you a total of 5 tokens - you will blow a kiss, 50 tokens - perform a dance, 100 tokens - show your breasts.
    • Topic is the status of your room. Write here what can be seen in your show.
    When you fill out all the fields, click "Go Live".

Stripchat broadcast has started, now you can start your webcam show.

Starting Stripchat broadcast
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