Frequency asked questions

Common questions

What is BunnyCam?

BunnyCam is a service for working as a web model with a set of useful functions and tools for high earnings.

What is the essence of the web model work?

The work consists in communicating through correspondence with viewers from all corners of the Earth with the included web camera. Your task is to create a beautiful, nice picture for the audience. They, in turn, pay for the opportunity to communicate with you.

What are the advantages of working with BunnyCam?

  • Ability to withdraw money at any convenient time 24/7;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.00;
  • There is no payment period, as in many webcams;
  • The highest percentage (up to 97%) in comparison with other studios;
  • Withdrawal of funds in any convenient way for you;
  • General profile - you do not need to re-understand the intricacies of registering the next webcam every time;
  • A personal manager who will always help, prompt, advise;
  • Common chat of web models where you can consult and communicate with other models;

Is the web model job legitimate?

Communication in video chat is not prohibited by law, except for the following situations, which are banned in many countries:

  • calls for violence;
  • incitement of hatred on international grounds;
  • fraudulent actions;
  • And so on.

What salary?

Payment systems on webcams are different from each other.

In private dialogs, payment is always per-minute and varies between $1.00- $10.00.

In open dialogues, you communicate with many viewers at once, who in the process leave you tips and gifts. The amount and quantity of tips are always different and depend on your activity and the quality of the show.

How to start working?

  1. Complete "General profile";
  2. Decide which webcam you want to work on. If you have not had experience with webcams, we recommend starting with CamContacts or ImLive;
  3. Create a working profile in the selected webcam;
  4. Wait for profile verification (up to 48 hours);
  5. Read the rules of the webcam, prepare yourself and the workplace for work;
  6. Launch your first video session and expect the viewers;
  7. Communicate, have fun, entertain the audience and get money from them.

What is Account Status?

A web model account can have one of two statuses: “New account” and “Trusted account”.

 This status is assigned by default to all new web models. "New Account" owners have the following restrictions:

  1. Charges from CamContacts webcam come at the end of the payment period. The billing period at CamContacts lasts 14 days.
  2. Charges from ImLive webcam come at the end of the payment period. The billing period at ImLive lasts15 days.
  3. Charges from BongaCams webcam come at the end of the payment period. The billing period at BongaCams lasts 7 days.
  4. Charges from Stripchat webcam come at the end of the payment period. The billing period at Stripchat lasts 7 days.

 The owner of the "Trusted Account" removes all restrictions that the "New Account" has. This status can be obtained if the following conditions are met:

  1. Be a registered user of BunnyCam for at least 30 days;
  2. Withdraw funds in the amount of $300.00;
  3. Close at least 2 payment periods on one or more webcams.

Financial questions

What percent do you pay models?

We are proud that BunnyCam has the highest percentage compared to any other studios!
If you find more, then we guarantee you a bonus!

We pay 80-97% to web model depending on level.

The level of model determines income. More details in the table:

earning levels of webcam models

How to withdraw money?

  1. In the "Settings" specify the details of the receipt of funds;
  2. On the top panel, click the "Balance" button, next to which is the amount of your balance;
  3. A modal window will appear where you need to enter the amount and specify the payment method you wish to receive the money;
  4. Press the "Withdraw" button.

withdraw money

When does the money come?

For TRUSTED accounts:

  1. CamContacts - within 30 minutes after the dialog is finished
  2. ImLive - daily
  3. BongaCams - every Friday
  4. Jasmin - daily
  5. Chaturbate - daily
  6. Stripchat - every Tuesday


For NEW accounts:

  1. CamContacts - once per 2 weeks
  2. ImLive - два раза в месяц, 2-го и 16-числа
  3. BongaCams - every Friday
  4. Jasmin - daily
  5. Chaturbate - daily
  6. Stripchat - every Tuesday

What is Paxum-email?

Paxum email is the login in the Paxum payment system.

It is required to send you money in this system. If you do not have an account in Paxum, you can leave the field blank.

What is WMZ wallet?

A WMZ wallet is a dollar account in the WebMoney payment system.

If you do not have a WebMoney account, you can leave the field blank.

Registration questions

Is it necessary to specify passport data?

Passing through age verification is a mandatory procedure on any webcam. According to US federal law 18 U.S.C §§ 2257- 2257A, All persons who working on the webcams must document that they are already 18 years old.

You can provide scan ID, international passport, civil passport or driver's license.

What to indicate in Turn on/Turn off?

Specify what is acceptable for you and what is not acceptable in the chat / video, what would you like from the interlocutor (in English).

This will eliminate unpleasant incidents in the work and add comfort in communication.

How long does the verification take?

Verification of the age lasts up to 48 hours after the profile is registered on a webcam. Usually faster.

How to resize a photo?

There is a huge variety of applications, services and programs for resizing images.
For example, the online service

Does not come a confirmation email?

  1. Wait up to 30 minutes, a temporary delay in the transfer of the letter is possible;
  2. Check the spam folder. Perhaps the letter got there;
  3. You made a typo when specifying mail. In this case, you need to re-register, carefully specifying the mail;
  4. If you have completed all the previous steps and nothing helped, contact online support, we will definitely help.

Work questions

How to change category in ImLive?

ImLive does not provide for the change of category. The only thing you can do is register a new profile in another category.

How to attract viewers to your chat room?

To attract viewers, models use various methods of seduction. For some members have enough talks about life, others want to dream up on an erotic theme, and the third crave hot strip show and sex toys.

You choose what suits you, but within the rules of the selected webcam and (or) category in it.

How to orient on the new webcam?

All links from the purple menu in webcam profiles are working and are made in the same style. This will help you quickly adapt to new webcams for you.

Which webcam pay more?

On any of the webcam you can earn well, knowing their features.

The main thing is to be able to interest viewers. Specific webcam does not matter.

How to form a work schedule?

We recommend working at least 4 hours a day.

More often the audience comes in the evening and at night. The most solvent viewers live in the European and American time zones. Build on this.

The main thing is that viewers get used to your schedule. Therefore, try to stick to it, so as not to lose established customers.

What will happen for violation of webcam rules?

First of all, BunnyCam does not penalize models. However, each webcam has its own rules, and we are forced to follow them.

  1. If this is your first time to break webcam rules, your account is "frozen" once and the withdrawal of funds is suspended. Earned money will simply accumulate in your account until the end of the freezing period. The balance will be “unfrozen” after the end of the payment period on the webcam, the rules of which you violated
  2. At repeated violation of webcam rules, your profile is deleted from it without the possibility to create a new one.
  3. If you break three times, the cooperation with BunnyCam is terminated, all funds on the balance are blocked without the possibility of a return, your account with all profiles is disabled, and your documents are entered into the database of violators with the loss of the right to cooperate in the future.

Please follow the webcam rules.

Affiliate program

What is an Affiliate Program?

We provide the possibility of additional income. You invite friends to work on our platform, and in return receive a portion of the profits.

How to invite a friend?

Send a friend your referral link.

As soon as she/he moves on it, BunnyCam will remember that this is your referral, even if she/he register later. The site will remember that this is your referral within a month from the moment the link is clicked.

Referral link can be found on the page "Referrals" in the Personal Area.

How much is paid in the affiliate program?

We pay 25-50% of the profits from each of your web model.

The percentage depends on the amount of income your referrals. The more people you invite, the greater the income, the higher your percentage. More details in the table:

partner levels

Where to look for people?

  • In social networks;
  • On sites, blogs, forums with predominantly female audience;
  • Contextual and banner advertising;

Where can I get promotional materials?

All available materials can be found on the page "Promo materials".