Frequently asked Questions

Answers to questions about webcam work as a web model

Common questions

What is BunnyCam?

logo BunnyCam is one of the leading online webcam studios in the CIS. We are constantly developing, improving the quality of service and striving to give webcam models the most comfortable working conditions.

Over the years of work, thousands of girls and guys have already trusted us, made sure that we respect the confidentiality of their personal data and documents, and also earned and withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars in total.

Our studio provides full preparation and support at all stages of work: from registration at the initial step, to increasing and keeping earnings at an advanced level.

What is the essence of the web model work?

The work consists in communicating in a video chat between the webcam model and the viewers.

You can work both simply in communication mode and with erotic shows.

Viewers pay for communication with you by the minute or by sending a "tips".

BunnyCam advantages

  • Ability to withdraw money at any convenient time 24/7;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.00;
  • There is no payment period for Chaturbate, CamContacts and ImLive;
  • The highest percentage (up to 97%) in comparison with other studios;
  • Withdrawal of funds in any convenient way for you;
  • A personal coach, who will spend 10 hours of individual lessons with you FREE OF CHARGE;
  • General chat of web models where you can consult and communicate with other models;

How to start working?

  1. Create a profile on one of the webcam sites on the Webcam sites page;
  2. Wait for documents verification (up to 48 hours);
  3. Read the rules of the webcam-site, prepare yourself and the workplace for work;
  4. Launch your first video session and expect the viewers;
  5. Communicate, have fun, entertain the audience and get money from them.

Why upload documents?

Passing through age verification is a mandatory procedure on any webcam-sites. According to US federal law 18 U.S.C §§ 2257- 2257A, all persons who working on the webcam-sites must document that they are already 18 years old.

You can provide scan ID, international passport, civil passport or driver's license.

Account Status


Assigned by default to all new web models. "New Account" owners have the following restrictions:

  1. Charges from CamContacts come at the end of the payment period. The payment period at CamContacts lasts 14 days.
  2. Charges from ImLive come at the end of the payment period. The payment period at ImLive lasts15 days.



The owner of the "Trusted Account" removes all restrictions that the "New Account" has.

How to get TRUSTED?

  1. Be a registered user of BunnyCam for at least 30 days;
  2. Withdraw funds in the amount of $300.00;
  3. Close at least 2 payment periods on one or more webcam-sites.


Percentage of webcam models

We are proud that BunnyCam has the highest percentage compared to any other studios!
If you find more, then we guarantee you a bonus!

#LevelIncome in last 30 d.Percent
1 up to $400.0080%
2 $400.00 - $800.0085%
3 $800.00 - $1,200.0090%
4 $1,200.00 - $3,000.0095%
5 over $3,000.0097%

Terms of accrual

Your BunnyCam account receives money from various webcam sites according to the following table:

Webcam sitePayment periodHold
StreamRay15 d.7 d.
Streamate1 d.*0 d.*
Chaturbate1 d.0 d.
Stripchat7 d.2 d.
Jasmin14 d.25 d.
BongaCams7 д.5 d.
ImLive1 d.*0 d.*
CamContacts1 d.*0 d.*

* - only for accounts with status TRUSTED

Payment periodthe time it takes to accumulate the amount for pay.
Holdthe time of holding funds between the end of the Payment Period and the immediate payment.

Withdrawal methods, commission, time of enrollment

Open the «Rates» page to find out the current withdrawal methods, commissions and enrollment deadlines. 

How to withdraw money?

  1. Go to the menu FinanceMy requisites:
  2. Select a payment system, fill in all the fields and click "Save":
  3. Go to the menu Finance - Withdraw money:
  4. Enter the desired amount to be received and click "Create order":
  5. The Orders page will open, where you can track the execution status of your withdrawal order:



The principle of work is as follows: when one or more profiles are approved, the first thing you do is prepare yourself and the workplace. Then, you start the working session (aka broadcast / stream), and you attract the viewers.

While working, you communicate with the audience, flirt, go into private, lead erotic shows.

In open shows, you earn from tokens - these are tips that viewers leave.

In private, you pay per minute, so try to subtly keep the viewer. Some private webcam sites also offer the option to receive extra tokens.

The money earned from webcam sites is credited to your BunnyCam account at the end of the payment period, or the next day. Depends on the webcam and your status. You can clarify it in the table of webcam-sites in your Personal Account.


It is best to use a personal computer or laptop for work. Mobile phone and tablet are not good for good money.

You need to get a separate and high-quality webcam, because the video picture is the main thing for which your viewers pay. If it is bad, then no one wants to pay.

For the erotic show mode, you will need sex toys. The most popular is Lowance Lush, which you can learn more about in our online support. Of course, there is no need for toys for the communication mode.


What viewers see in your video stream is key to attracting and retaining viewers. Namely: background ... lighting ... appearance ... and clothing.

Many novice models make the mistake of ignoring this recommendation, sitting in a dressing gown under poor lighting against the background of an old carpet.

Do not repeat the mistakes of the majority if your goal is high and stable income.


Experienced web models work simultaneously on several webcam sites to maximize income. It takes some skill and is only available for online modes, but the result is worth it. If you don't have experience, start with at least two webcam sites at the same time and gradually increase the number.

For multistream to be available from a technical point of view, you need to use programs such as OBS or SplitCam. Your personal manager will teach you how to use them.

Behavior style

If your choice is only communication, then, during private dialogues, you only correspond or communicate by voice with your interlocutor. For communication, you can choose, for example, the style of a psychologist, a helpline operator, or just a girl friend.

If you are ready for erotic shows, the range of strategies and styles of behavior is limited only by your imagination.

For example, for the first 30-60 minutes, you engage your audience. To do this, you demonstrate your capabilities to the maximum, keeping an attractive picture of your video broadcast.

When the audience has gathered, you change your style to flirting and flirting, actively using facial expressions and charisma. Now you taunt your viewers to encourage them to send tokens. For example, if you have 100 tokens, you will show your chest, or for 300 tokens you will dance an erotic dance.

Work schedule

We recommend working at least 4 hours a day.

More often the audience comes in the evening and at night. The most solvent viewers live in the European and American time zones. Build on this.

The main thing is that viewers get used to your schedule. Therefore, try to stick to it, so as not to lose established customers.

Violations and penalties

Each webcam site has rules, violation of which may entail both the accrual of fines and the immediate blocking of the profile with the loss of all funds and your documents being blacklisted for life.

Despite the differences, there are general rules for all webcam sites:

  1. It is forbidden to give your contacts to viewers (Email, phone, social networks, etc.);
  2. Children and animals in the frame are prohibited;
  3. It is forbidden to appear in the frame under the influence of alcohol and drugs;
  4. Any perversion and "dirt" is prohibited;
  5. It is forbidden to deceive the audience;

If you have committed very gross violations, such as falsification of documents or forgery of video broadcasts, we also reserve the right to block your account along with the funds on the balance, and put your documents in the Black List.

Please follow the rules.

Where are paid more?

On any of the webcam sites you can earn well, knowing their features.

The main thing is to be able to interest viewers. Specific webcam site does not matter.

Affiliate program

What is an Affiliate Program?

We provide the possibility of additional income. You invite friends to work on our platform, and in return receive a portion of the profits.

  1. Send a friend your referral link. It can be found on the page "Referrals" in the Personal Area.
  2. As soon as she/he moves on it, BunnyCam will remember that this is your referral, even if she/he register later. The site will remember that this is your referral within a month from the moment the link is clicked.
  3. If your referral earns something, you will have a percentage of it. For life.

Partner percentage

We pay 25-50% of the profits from each of your web model.

For instance:

  1. You brought 25 models who earned $ 400 each in a month;
  2. The total revenue of the models was $ 10,000;
  3. 80% ($ 8,000) we give to models, 20% ($ 2,000) is our commission;
  4. Since your models earned $ 10,000 per month, you have a 5th Partner level;
  5. According to the table, a 5th level partner receives 50% of our profit (from $ 2,000). Therefore, your income is $ 1000.
#LevelReferrals income in last 30 d.Percent
1 до $1,000.0025%
2 $1,000.00- $2,000.0030%
3 $2,000.00- $5,000.0035%
4 $5,000.00- $10,000.0040%
5 от $10,000.0050%

Where to look for people?

You can search and attract people:

  • In social networks;
  • On sites, blogs, forums with predominantly female audience;
  • Contextual and banner advertising;

Also, you can use Promotional Materials.


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