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Violations and fines

    rules of webcam sites

    Webcam models often have certain rules and restrictions set on the platforms where they work to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for both models and viewers.

    Violation can result in both fines from the webcam platform and immediate blocking of the webcam model's profile with the loss of all funds and lifelong inclusion of documents in the black list.

    Despite some differences, there are common rules for all webcam platforms, which look as follows:

    1. 🛑 Giving your contacts to viewers is prohibited (Email, wallet numbers, social networks, etc.);
    2. 🛑 Children and animals in the frame are prohibited;
    3. 🛑 Appearing on camera under the influence of alcohol and drugs is prohibited;
    4. 🛑 Any perversions and "filth" are prohibited;
    5. 🛑 Deceiving viewers is prohibited;

    Now, let's take a closer look at typical prohibitions for webcam models during broadcasts, for which you may be blocked:

    1. Illegal actions: Webcam models must comply with the laws and prohibitions in their country and on the platform where they work. This includes a prohibition on demonstrating illegal or prohibited actions, such as violence, drugs, child pornography, etc.

    2. Indecent behavior: Webcam models should not display indecent or offensive behavior during broadcasts. This includes a prohibition on insults, threats, discrimination, hate, and other forms of unacceptable behavior.

    3. Lack of respect for viewers: Webcam models must show respect for their viewers and respect their rights. This includes a prohibition on coercion, imposition of services, or demanding specific behavior from viewers.

    4. Violation of privacy: Webcam models must respect the privacy and confidentiality of their viewers. They should not disclose personal information about viewers without their consent or record their broadcasts without permission.

    5. Use of prohibited props: Webcam models should not use prohibited or dangerous props during broadcasts. This includes a prohibition on the use of weapons, drugs, dangerous toys, and other items that may cause harm.

    6. Underage models: Laws and platform policies also prohibit the participation of underage webcam models. All models must be of legal age and have the right to work in this field.

    These are just some common prohibitions that may be applied to webcam models during their broadcasts. Specific rules may vary depending on the platform and the model's location.

    Please note that BunnyCam Studio does not impose sanctions or fines on its own behalf but only follows the actions of the webcam platforms themselves. The only exceptions are very serious violations, such as forgery of documents or video broadcasts. In such cases, the studio account of the model will be immediately blocked along with all funds in the balance, and the documents will be included in the Black List.

    Please adhere to the rules.

    webcam sites fines blocking rules
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