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Account status

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Why do you need account status?

We strive to provide models with the most comfortable working conditions. Therefore, we make daily accruals from our own reserves so that models do not wait for the end of payment periods and holds.

Unfortunately, in the webcam industry, as in any other field of activity, there are dishonest people. To avoid reputational and financial losses from scammers, we provide each new webcam model with the opportunity to fulfill a number of simple conditions and prove the seriousness of their intentions and demonstrate honest work.

account status

Having fulfilled the conditions and received TRUSTED status, each webcam model receives a number of benefits from our studio.

Status effects apply to the entire account. That is, if you have a couple account, or a mini-studio account, then the status generally applies to all Persons and all their webcam site profiles.

Track your current status, progress and requirements for obtaining trusted status on the Account Status page ».

What is the difference between NEW and TRUSTED statuses?

 "NEW" account

Assigned to all new web models. Owners of “New Accounts” receive funds upon completion of the Payment Period and Hold from the following webcam sites:

  1. CamContacts- payment period - 14 days. Hold - 0 days.
  2. ImLive- payment period - 15 days. Hold - 2 days.

 "TRUSTED" account

From the owner of the "Trusted Account" all restrictions are lifted. That is, on CamContacts, ImLive:

  1. Payment period - 1 day;
  2. Hold - 0 days.

How to get TRUSTED?

  1. Be a registered user of BunnyCam for at least 30 days;
  2. Withdraw funds in the amount of $300.00;
  3. Close at least 2 payment periods on one or more cam sites.
BunnyCam account status
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